• Security: data encryption and transaction confidentiality
  • Multi choice of leverage and trading varieties
  • Multilingual support
  • Data stability
  • The operation is simple
  • System and transaction behavior reminder
  • Support various time charts (from minute chart to monthly chart)
  • Two way operation, two-way profit
  • Support PC, IOS, Android and other mainstream platforms
  • You can use EA to intelligently and automatically achieve your trading goals

Foreign exchange learning

Through our free foreign exchange information, we can quickly upgrade!

  • Simulated experience environment
  • MT4 video tutorial
  • Free Webinar

MetaTrader 4 applications

Start in the right direction with our free tools !
  • Advanced trading tools
  • Real transaction analysis
  • Lower foreign exchange spread
  • Customer zone
  • News feed

Professional institutions

Enjoy the speed of the mechanism and the latest execution technology !

  • Price improvement technology
  • Primary liquidity provider
  • Expert consultant
  • Noahark LIMITED is committed to providing customers with transparent and open transactionsNoahark LIMITED will be the world's mainstream banks, financial institutions offer the first time to our customers.
  • High quality resources, trading system to ensure that you get the most preferential price in the transaction.
  • Hedging ability | Customers can choose hedging method, lock trading positions, lock positions only occupy one side.
  • Small transaction | Micro account customers trade with a minimum of 0.1 standard hands.
  • Low cost | The products traded on PFC platform always keep the most competitive margin in the market.
  • customer service | Our professional customer representative will be ready to solve the problem 24 hours a day.
  • Capital security | Customers' funds are placed in isolated users.
  • Leverage advantage | Leverage ratio 1:50,1:100 and other levers. Reasonable leverage multiple selection effectively controls your transaction risk.

Customer service support