problem 1.  what is Forex Trading?

 a:The foreign exchange market has a daily average of about $ 200 billion trillion trading volume is the world's largest financial market. Forex trading refers to buying one currency while selling another currency trading is usually composed of two currencies traded by currency portfolio. (Such as the euro against the dollar, the dollar against the yen, etc.)

problem 2.  foreign exchange market where the transaction?

 a:The foreign exchange market is not the same as the stock market, futures market exchange. Parties to the transaction traded through telephone, Internet, sometimes referred to as the interbank foreign exchange market.

problem 3.  investors in the foreign exchange market is what people?

 A:The foreign exchange market in the past by the central banks, local banks and investment banks and other monopolies, and therefore also called the interbank foreign exchange market. But now, the proportion of investors in other markets increased rapidly expanded to large multinational investors, institutional investors, to avoid funds, futures and options trading industry, more individual investors using margin trading regime.

problem 4.  foreign exchange market from a few to start trading?

 a:The international foreign exchange market are Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Britain, the United States, from the time zone of the major markets, the international foreign exchange market trading is the world 24 hours non-stop operation.

problem 5.  what forex currency trading market is the most common?

 a:Yes, the dollar against the yen, the euro against the dollar, the pound against the dollar, the three currency pairs. The so-called major currencies means that a stable government, the central bank's assessment of high, low inflation currency countries. Currently, more than 85 percent daily transactions with the dollar, yen, euro, British pound and other credit

problem 6.  Forex trading requires a lot of money right?

 Answer:do not need a lot of money. Foreign exchange margin trading is that it allows customers to use a little money to make a big deal of turnover. For example, customers can take advantage of $ 500, you can operate a $ 10,000 base currency trading. Forex trading is basically a transition between the two world currencies other. The main feature is the international trade. Change the exchange rate will not only affect the country's economic performance, but also on their advantage in the international arena has changed. Since the margin (margin) exchange traded funds and real needs are not the same. Funds required to be less than the actual turnover. So called margin trading. Foreign exchange margin trading is that investors in the bank, market maker or broker to provide financing to carry out foreign exchange transactions. General financing ratio ranging from 10 to 100 times. For example, a broker offers 1:100 in margin trading, investors need only $ 100, you can make 10,000 dollars in foreign exchange transactions. Fully reflects the small broad leverage.

problem 7.  pay what is, what is the sell orders?

 Answer:pay that money to buy the base currency of the portfolio, selling refers to selling a single base currency. Forex trading is the exchange of two currencies, that is one of the currency as a reference currency trading. Forex market is based on a combination of the former currency currency trading tips for the practice of the base currency. For example, USD /YEN base currency is USD (U.S. dollar), it's pay that is buying dollars. Instead of sell orders that are sold dollars.

problem 8.  able to explain what specific short and do what?

 a:The short is to sell a currency, to do more is to buy currency;that is to say, whether in a rising market or a down market, you can make a profit. If stock market is doing, and only when you buy in liters will have a profit, but in the fall, when you can not buy. If you do foreign exchange, even if a currency is down, you can sell, you can make a profit.

problem 9.  " position "," head "," short ", do not quite understand what you mean?

 A:The positions are positions that list. Bull is BUY, buy up, short is SELL, buy down. To do more is to "buy" that is to buy high and short is the "sell" that sell low. In trading terms, to do more than that at the time of buying the currency on the rise, the purpose is more expensive when sold. In this case, investors benefit when the market is in a bull market. Short is in a downward trend during the currency to sell, in this case, the investor will benefit in a bear market. Profit before buying to sell when prices rise, the first sale to buy a profit when prices fall.