Change leveraged application
   One of the key aspects of Forex trading is the use of a good high the ability to leverage transactions. Leverage ratio determines the required margin and how many accounts you can use funds trade entry. In simple terms, the higher leverage means lower margin requirements.
Up to 500:1 leverage ratio may not fit your trading style, may some think it is too risky. To help you minimize the risk, we have certain restrictions on leverage.
Available Leverage available Gearing Maximum Account Balance account largest amount of money
500:1 $ 10,000
400:1 $ 25,000
300:1 $ 100,000
200:1 $ 250,000
100:1 $ 500,000
50:1 $ 500,000 +


default account leverage Noahark LIMITED 100:1, if you require the applicant higher leverage, leverage ratio can submit an application to change us.