Company Profile

Noahark LIMITED financial group was founded in 1993, headquartered in London, is a online foreign exchange, futures, options, stock transaction with CFDs and related services for all over the world retail and institutional clients derivatives broker, annual transactions amounted to tens of billions of dollars. Noahark LIMITED financial group is one of the first lock through the green channel of the official METAQUOTES EA mechanism, thought the global users provide the highest efficiency, the most stable data, transaction and mobile equipment trading as own duty, lets the user be able to study the quotation, so as to easily make their trading strategies using various index and auxiliary analysis tool.

Noahark LIMITED with world famous banks in liquidation of the partnership, for institutional clients with individual investors, providing innovative professional technical guidance, low-cost trading, capital safety supervision, market research tools, comprehensive, advanced education curriculum and first-class customer service, provide regular financial data, strict implementation of the standard financial management, Noahark LIMITED will take you to meet the challenging financial market.

purpose and responsibility
Purpose: the purpose of Noahark LIMITED is to become the world's most popular currency traders. Noahark LIMITED is committed to the promotion of foreign exchange transactions this new asset classes, so that she became more easily to individual retail investors. Excellent trading channels and trading strategies through has been widely recognized in the industry to provide value-added products and service transaction programs for our clients, with outstanding local service to increase year by year trade merchant number.


Noahark LIMITED pay attention to the protection of customer privacy, have and implement professional moral tradition. To assist customers to high-quality single investment trading foreign exchange interbank transactions, so that customers enjoy the best offer the deal on trade service.

quality service
The trade advantage: STP channel quality transactions directly to enter the inter-bank transactions.

top quotation system: Top interbank bid system of gold and silver, foreign exchange, crude oil, art direction.

transaction time: normal trading week began in the U.S. Eastern time 17:00 PM Sunday, ending in the U.S. Eastern time 16:00 PM Friday, 24 hours of continuous trading.
Corresponding to the Beijing time: daylight saving time Monday morning at 5:00, at 4:00 a.m. Saturday; winter Monday morning at 6:00, at 5:00 a.m. Saturday