what is the spot foreign exchange transactions and the overnight interest rate swaps?


    interest rate swaps are the same two pens currency, the same amount of debt ( principal the same), the same period of money for fixed rate and floating Rate the exchange. The exchange between the two sides, such as the Party in fixed rate B in exchange for a floating rate, the floating rate exchange places Party Party fixed rate , it said interchangeable. Swap aimed at reducing cost of funds and interest rate risk . The day's trading holder to call the next day's trading overnight trading   ;, produce overnight overnight Fair interest . Overnight interest calculated according to the interest rate differential, which can be positive number can also be negative. Swap Transaction Server Time 0:00 on a daily basis, overnight interest rates Wednesday to Thursday to triple calculations. Each currency has its own interest, so every Money right (for example, the euro /dollar) involve two kinds of interest rate .   must exist between these two rates difference , so customers either get" rollover "or pay a" rollover. " For the latest interest rate swaps, you can in our MetaTrader   4 trading platform panel saw.


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