deposit methods

Customers can pay via the online platform or wire transfer deposits; instant online deposits arrival, no fee. Funds deposited directly into the company by the regulatory agencies and the Code of client funds trust account opened in the bank, with working capital of the company is completely independent operation.

Deposit ways: online deposit
Customers can log into online payment for online deposits.

Deposit Notes
  1. to comply with international anti-money laundering convention, in any case, the Company will not accept non-I (third party) deposits.
  2. After successfully deposited funds trading account, the company will send e-mail notification of customers preset instructions.
  3. Please note that the company accept credit card deposits.
As the Company shall be in accordance with the provisions of the regulatory body to carry out due diligence review process, if the customer's bank account information was incomplete, may lead to delays in the trading account funds credited, please pay attention to the customer.

formalities quick withdrawals, the Company weather accept withdrawal requests, the fastest withdrawals can be credited to one working day. Customers simply login to submit withdrawal instruction online trading platform, the company will immediately follow up.

* arrival time depends on your bank teller arrangement