FCA  regulatory

April 1, 2013 the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) announced on the official website: the British Central Bank (Bank of England) to set up a new financial policy committee (FPC), as the mechanism of prudent macro regulation, is responsible for monitoring and responding to systemic risk; at the same time, FSA will be split into financial conduct authority (FCA) and prudential regulatory authority (PRA) the two new regulators.

financial conduct authority (FCA), responsible business conduct regulation of all kinds of financial institutions, to promote financial market competition, and consumer protection, is directly responsible to the British Parliament and the Ministry of finance. FCA will undertake the original FSA for financial institutions supervision function.

financial conduct authority FCA will be based on the original FSA regulation, further perfect and strengthen the supervision and risk prevention ability of. FCA compared to the original FSA regulation, will be more active, to ensure that the interests of consumers are not infringed, and strengthen the protection of the British financial system safety, promote the market survival of the fittest. FCA regulatory objects include: commercial banks, investment banks, insurance, dealers and other financial institutions.

Noahark LIMITEDPlatinum Financial Consulting completely by the British financial conduct authority FCA regulation, registration number 149691. According to the FCA client money rules, will all client accounts worldwide separate management, to ensure that their interests and security.

for SMP's customers, regulatory changes will not have any negative effects, also won't change the main protective measures by British supervision company customers, and continue to enjoy the British financial compensation of protection scheme. Regulation FCA and licensed institutions and measures will be more strict.

FCA regulatory official website: Http://www.fca.org.uk/